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Older Year Shows not in the galleries above:
Sherlock Holmes 9/07 HERE   
Menopause the Musi­cal 7/08 for the tour HERE
Pride & Prej­u­dice Setups 4/08 HERE
Doubt 10/07 HERE
Nine Parts of Desire 3/07 (contact us for updated link)
Dial ‘M’ for Mur­der 9/06 HERE
Five Guys Named Moe (Behind the Scenes) 6/06 HERE We also shot Moe on film in about 1994
Split­ting Infin­ity 4/06 (contact us for updated link)
Inherit the Wind 2/06 (contact us for updated link)
Noo­dle Doo­dle Box 2/06 for Big The­atre for Lit­tle People (contact us for updated link)
Ham­let 2/05 with Actress Kelli Fox HERE
Urine­town (The Musi­cal) Slideshow HERE (contact us for updated gallery link)
Five Course Love by Gregg Cof­fin 2010 HERE (the ear­lier World Pre­mier in 2004 HERE)
Pride & Prej­u­dice World Pre­mier 2008 HERE  Gallery (and Cast can get prints) HERE
Sweeney Todd 2/09 Slide Show HERE
The House in Hydesville 1/09 HERE Slideshow: HERE
The Under­pants by Steve Mar­tin (contact us for updated link)
Fences 2009 Slide show HERE
Tues­days With Mor­rie 10/06 HERE Favorite Images HERE
Our Town Pho­tos (contact us for updated link)

Christmas Shows not in the galleries above :
A Christ­mas Story 2008 HERE
A Christ­mas Story Advance Press 11/08 HERE
A Christ­mas Carol 2007 HERE