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HuthPhoto is know for:

• Fast, Friendly, Flexible PR & Event Photography 

• Massive events that go instantly online with PhotoTeam North

• Over 20 seasons photographing professional theatre

• Making subject (and clients!) smile since 1987

• A promise of 'Great Photos— No Stress'

Professional photography based in Durham, NC

Working regionally in the East (Rochester NY, Boston, Chicago, Tampa).

Specialties: Publications, business photography, gala events, theatre & medical photos.

Consistently working with:

• Duke University School of Nursing
• YMCA of the Triangle
• The University of Rochester (UR School of Medicine, UR School of Nursing, Campus events)
• UR Medical Center (Golisano Children's, Wilmot Cancer Institute, etc)
• Rochester Institute of Technology
• Geva Theatre Center
• YMCA of Greater Rochester

Known For:

• Coordinating massive photo events that go online instantly

• Photos that capture the life and fun of an event or story

• Fast, Flexible & Friendly

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"We love Ken's photos! And it's rare to find a photographer who can be so flexible... relating as well to a toddler as to a neurosurgeon."

—Heather Hare: Golisano Children's Hospital @ URMC

Behind the Scenes with HuthPhoto & the PhotoTeam

“Love working with PhotoTeam. You guys hustle, deliver and make me laugh. A good combo.”

—Alan Tieuli (JPMorgan Corporate Challenge)

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